The sump pump has been used to help discharge all types of sump water in our houses. You know that all of our activities every day will release sump water and there must have a machine to help us discharge it. In the market nowadays, choosing a best sump pump is not difficult to customers. But we have to understand the machine and learn about using it. Understanding the operation of pump is also important. Therefore, today, I will give you more details about this kind of machine.

  1. Functions

It is clear that a sump pump plays a main role in discharging the sump water. It also helps to filter such a kind of toxic liquid. After we cook, wash the dishes, wash the clothes and do other work, all the sump water will be sent to this pump which will use its impeller to filter the water.

The pump also helps to discharge the sump water in a more intelligent and a friendlier way. If we do not use this pump, we cannot imagine what the drainage system will be. This pump is an important part in the drainage system.

Apart from this, without a sump pump, all the dirty water will be discharged indiscriminately and the awful smell will be spread throughout the house space and the neighborhood. This will be an irritating problem with us. By contrast, with a sump pump, this water is discharged in one way and the bad smell will be reduced a lot.

  1. Structure

In terms of the structure of a sump pump, there have some parts that you have to learn about.

Sump pit

You know that through the drainage system, all the dirty water is poured into the sump pit of the sump pump. This water will be processed by a impeller and go through several parts to finish the process and then we will have the water discharged.

Pedestal pump

This is like a motor that connects the impeller the help it filter and discharge the water.


The impeller is indispensable in the sump pump structure. You know that the dirty water will be processed through the impeller and then moved to the pipe to be discharged.


The float will let us know the intense and the dirty water if we want to check.

The check valve

The check valve will determine the amount of water to be discharged and determine the speed of discharging. If the check valve tightens the pipe, the water will be discharged slowly. By contrast, if it is loose, the water will be discharged at higher speed.

Discharge pipe

The water will be moved outside through the discharge pipe. The small pipe will help to control the flow of discharging. However, if the pipe is large, the water will be moved quickly with a large amount at the same time.

These are some main structural parts of the sump pump. It is essential for you to learn about this in order to arrange it and make it work with higher efficiency.

  1. How to use

In this part, I will help you with some tips of using a sump pump.

Firstly, about the location, the sump pump should be placed outside the house, in the garden for example. This pump pumps dirty water so it can produce smell and if we put it in the house, the smell will be spread. Therefore, it should be placed separately with our house.

Secondly, about the water discharged, there should have a drainage sewer in order to bring this water away. If you release the discharged water to the ground, it will harm the grass or the soil in case the water discharged is still very dirty.

Last but not least, you have to check the float regularly to know about the intense of the dirty water. If it is too dirty, we will have to issue some solutions and plans to solve this problem. If you keep it for too long, everyone cannot stand the smell.

These are some notes for you about the sump pump. I hope that you will choose to buy a good pump and it will work effectively.