Guitar Study Guide for the people who is unknow

Some boy usually like playing guitar. But to learn about guitar is n’t easy and it demand a process. And we must work hard and try your best, you can learn to play guitar.

To learn play guitar, firstly you must choose a good guitar. You can choose best guitar brands which will easy but it maybe waste of money.  And now is some guide for the new people who want to learn guitar to sing in some special occassions.

You are not ignorant of the guitar, you also do not know anything about music to learn guitar. And you wanted but you do not know where to start. Along with  consult for the study guide, you can stay at home and learn by yourself.

You have a lot of questions and questions such as: Why is it called guitar with classical guitar or acoustic guitar which called the ligament back to them all is the guitar or what? Or why tablature only 5 lines while the guitar has six strings. So hit pitches stars here? … … And many other questions.

This is the first article I want to show you who do not know anything about guitar. To answer these questions, the FAQ for beginners to play guitar. And that’s the first thing we will get acquainted with the guitar.

Firstly: Have you asked the difference between classic guitar and acoustic guitar Accoustic Classic is what? And I should start learning classical guitar or acoustic guitar?

To answer the above questions, then you should know that the classic guitars and acoustic guitars to do and why do people have to distinguish two lines so why not put together a kind for now.

Classic guitar used to play classical music or called solo, without people singing songs, instrumental music. Characteristics of this type of music is deep deposition therefore classic guitar will be constructed corresponding to these requests. Is: use nylon cord, 12-key guitar, big neck.

Acoustic guitar to sing or play music young buffer now. Features of this music is exciting and vibrant, so it needs to be large and resonant am bar. So that kind of acoustic guitar used: wire, fretboard has 14 keys, small neck.

Those are the main features to distinguish Classic guitar and Accoustic guitar. That’s the way to help you choose the appropriate guitar with his music is attending. So start by learning classical guitar or acoustic guitar here? On the difficulty, you learn acoustic guitar (guitar modern) is easier because simply flipped so no need to sing the difficult technical or complex notes that simple thing which  you only need to know chords. Can you sing comfortable cushion before. This will help you learn more easily, therefore, should not frustrating at first. But if you do take the time to learn classical guitar from the original study harder but in return is one thing if you play classical guitar, the song is a breeze cushion.

Secondly, have you asked if cords instead acoustic guitar, it has a classic guitar or not?

In principle, it still uses wire, you have to completely install a sound but it will not stop wine as iron wire and of course you can understand this. “Men can dress however it is not the same one it.” However, if you replaced the iron and classic guitar then no change is hardly audible would not differ much from the acoustic guitar.

Here are some of the most common questions that I’d seen for beginner guitar or not know anything about guitar.

Seated position :You go to school board, or develop your skills later playing, posture, hand vitally fastest trong. Cach exercise “stand” playing with a strap, when you stand by playing well, naturally you will sit an eyelid. very few people know.

Run the gamut:

You often wonder, why the teacher of his herd often catch yourself running chord note while you see it is not built. Despised, gamut will supplement during your lot nay.Bo arrangements set after most useful, it helps you flexible fingers … Later when you want to go deep into Lead Guitar will not encounter many difficulties.

A expensive guitar

Not necessary, as beginner, you should choose the cheap guitar . Artists create great sound, not a guitar this good. After reaching a certain level or performances , naturally you’ll need one guitar proportionality.

You tab is always true

According to its survey from the collective herd to now, 90% of the network is the wrong tab, chords as well, there are even permitted to publish the book.

This is some notes for you when you start to learn about playing guitar. And read some guide I have talked, try your best, practise it day by day, you can play guitar to relax in free time.