The flashlight is the most common device in term of create the light for using in the case of lacking light from the electric sources. How to choose the best tactical flashlight is the question that all the users want to learn and understand about. In this post I want to use my experiences and knowledge to help you to identify the suitable type of flashlight and reduce the choosing time for you.

  1. The questions you need to list out before choosing the flashlight

Before purchasing anything, you need to make sure that it can satisfy your demand and requirements, even with the flashlight. It is not cost to much compare to other stuff but with the low quality, it can affect the long term working productivity and cost you the time and money to find another suiable flashlight. So that, to prevent this case can happen, there are some question you need to list out before finding and purchasing the flashlight:

  • What is your requirements from the flashlight? What are you use the flashlight for, daily life or special using purposes?
  • The battery types of the flashlight.
  • Size of the flashlight
  • The warranty policy.

When you have the answers for all this questions, you are able to find the suitable flashlight easier and  oh, come on, this is for all the stuff not only the flashlight, heh?

For some other using purposes, you maybe need to answer some other question such as the brightness, the ability to control by remote, the weight, water proof, handle the recoid (in case the gun flashlight), are you able to use it with bare hand or have to wear glove.

  1. Tips for picking the suitable flashlight

There are a lot of things you need to pay attention when choosing the flashlight in order to choose the suitable one which can satisfy all of your requirements. There are some of the most important elements that you need to think carefully when choose the flashlight

  • The light output

It is very important factor to help the users eveluate the working capaciy of the flashlight and help to work with different purposes. There are various brightness level of the flashlight which is used for different purposes:

10 – 20 lm: This is the suitable level of brightness if you want to use the flashlight in close range, or use to find the key hole

20 – 150 lm: This is the common range of brightness, usually use in checking around your house, daily tasks, or dog walking

160 200 lm: This is the level that suitable for using in camping, walking and hiking, personal jobs or tactical employment.

200 500 lm: This range is suitable to use in tactical applications, huntng, fishing, or some personal exercises such as climbing or hiking.

600 – 1000 lm: This is the level of brightness which is suitable to use in some specific task such as in the industrial tasks, and is the perfect choice for the hunting and fishing purposes.

1000 lm and more: It is use the most in hunting, long way walking, camping, industrial purposes, and discovering caves

  • Beam distance

This feature is based on your needs and using purposes to choose the suitable one, it is important if you are looking for the rescue flashlight or the tactical one. But if you are looking for the EDC and outdoor flashlight, the beam distance is not an important features.

  • Types of beam

There are 2 main types of flashlight beam which are the flood beam and spot beam. The flood beam is suitable to use in illumination and large area with short distance which is used the most in house fixing, reading book, or automotive work; the spot one is the best choice if you are looking for the flashlight with long distance of light such as rescue operation, hunting and firefighting.

  • Types of battery

There are 3 types of the flashlight battery in the market which as the AA/ AAA batteries, Disposable lithium batteries, and Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries.

  • Size and weight

for different using purpose, there are different sie and weight that you are looking for. For the daily flashlight, it is not the big deal but if you are looking for the hunting and military flashlight, this is the most important factors when choose for the best one.