There is a principle to have a fulfilled life which is spend your money where you spend your time. To be more detailed, you just look at what and where you spend your day doing things and allocate your money accordingly. A recent report shows that bedroom is the place that people spend a lot of their time. As a result, spending money in redecorating and generating your bedroom is a good idea to make your life better. In this writing, I will point out some ways to make your bedroom more delightful and comfortable such as changing your room color or buying new accessories like best sleeping lamp or best mattress 2015.

  1. Change your room paint color.

Having your house repainted could give you more advantages than expected. Scientists point out that painting your wall interior and exterior can protect your family by minimize the dust and fumes in the air. As a result, health of family can be improved.

Moreover, house painting hide the unwanted mark and stain which enhance the appearance of the room which will make your bedroom look newer and more attractive that could bring you a new feeling and generated idea. Besides, painting is a cost-efficient method to bring your bedroom a new look. You can choose any color that you like and transform your room. Neutral tone such as yellow or pastel would give you a warm and cozy atmosphere, while, bright and colorful paint will give your family a creative and energetic power.

Furthermore, a new coat of eco-friendly paint will protect your bedroom’s infrastructure and materials from moisture so as the harm creatures grow in the wall or a high quality coat could help to promote the quality of air in your room. Here are some suggested paint brands or in another words, these brands could be consider as the best paint brands of this year: Benjamin Moore & Co., Valspar, Sherwin Williams, Behr, Kilz, AkzoNobel, Pratt & Lambert and Clark+Kensington.

  1. Buying new sleeping lamp

Choosing a suitable lamp for your bedroom is not easy. It is not only a matter of taste but also a practical issue. Even though many people spend most of their time in bedroom to sleep, many other people would love to read and do other things in their bedroom. As a result, a good sleeping lamp is needed. Then the tip for choosing a proper sleeping lamp is balancing between the style of the lamp and its function. First of all, you should ask yourself a question that how you would use your sleeping lamp.

If the lamp is the main lighting of your bedroom, it should be a big lamp. However, if you just use the lamp to decorate your bedroom or for reading books, you can buy any design of lamps as you like. Here are some ideal sleeping lamp brands: Hinkley Lighting, Kichler, Feiss, Maxim Lighting, Quorum International, Home Concept Lighting and Furniture and Laura Ashley. The price of sleeping lamp is various. It is based on your budget. You can get a medium quality lamp with 20$ or a premium, luxury lamp with 300$ or more.

  1. Buying a new mattress.

Thinking of the fact that we spend at least a third time of our lives in bed- sleeping, reading, playing on our mattress, choosing a right mattress could be vital to our health.

Besides, it is clearly seen that not everyone could afford a high end or art mattress, thus, in this part, I will show you some tips of choosing a suitable mattress which is not only good in quality but also meet your budget. First of all, you should determine your budget and your need. Do you need a large mattress with high quality material or a single size, mass-produced mattress?

Secondly, you should buy your mattress at the right type of store-which provide you the right information and attention. If you do not know where to shop, just simply ask your family or friends. One thing you should remember, if you are not hunger for a new mattress you can wait until the sale off occasion as Christmas time to have a new mattress with beneficial price.

Above is some suggested ways to generating your bedroom. I hope that it could help you.