Some useful tools in your garden

Garden is natural space in your home to relax and refresh whenever you want. You can set up a pretty set of table and chair, have tea and read books. That sound so comfortable, isn’t that? Gardening is also a wonderful hobby, you can do whatever you like, design your owned garden with favorite ornaments and accessories. Garden is really artsy that help you to create awesome things and express unique characters. Please do some great things with your garden and experience unforgettable moments.

To do gardening, you need to have gardening tools, at least a set of basic tools. There are some main kinds of tool for garden such as tools to dig, prune, cultivate and groom. These description and benefit of garden tools are mentioned specifically below.

  • Tools for digging and plating in garden:

To dig and plant tree in the garden, we usually use shovel and spade. There are variety of shovel and spade with different shape and benefit

* The round point shovel is the most popular and preferable tool for gardening. You can use it to dug or cut the hard root, it also solve dirt from point to the other point

* The square point shovel is another different tool. It not like the round point shovel, this shovel with square shape is often used to create ways, line in the garden. Beside that, people use square point shovel to collect soil, dust, mud and even snow in winter and clean up the piles if they have trash

* The D-handle shovel is a really special tool for digging, which has short grip and plenty of shapes. It can be round, square, fork or scoop with suitable use according to each shape. Gardeners can use D-handle shovel to handle with soil, mud, sand and grass. With small size design, this shovel is suitable with quick work

  • Tools for weeding and cultivating in garden:

Gardens use hoe to cultivate and weed grass in garden very well. These different kinds of hoe are nice and interesting

* The basic garden hoe is the most familiar tool for cultivating, usually with long handle and flat blade to use easily. You can stand comfortable to do garden and do not have to worry about your back. The normal size of blade is from 3 to 8 inches wide. The benefit of hole is weeding and handling the soil in garden usefully

* The cultivator is one of cultivating tool in your garden, it designed with 5 sharp tines that can break the hard soil around ornament root easily and collect the grass, straw into big plain

  • Tool for grooming in your garden:

Keeping garden be fresh and clean is so important. After gardening, you will find that the surrounded area looks so untidy and messy, it need to be made up. So using grooming tools in your garden is a smart way to maintain the space in beautiful appearance

* The bow rake is a nice tool for gardening. With plenty of tines at the head and long handle, this tool can deal with any hard material form soil to metal, remove them away easily to clean up your beautiful garden. It is a supper strength tool to do the garden very well

* The law rake with design look like a groom is really helpful for garden grooming. The material to make tool is rather various, it can made with metal, bamboo or plastic, which can swept out all trash and messy things in the garden

  • Tools for shearing and pruning in your garden:

Your ornaments also need to be sheared to create whatever shape you want. So you can use shearing tools that not only cut the branch but also cut the metal line to hang on flower vase. It is a perfectly useful tool that you should have in your garden

* The lopping shear is a heavy and powerful tool to cut the branches of plant in the garden. This tool is design with long handle and sharp tiny blade

* The head gear is totally different from lopping gear, with larger blade it can cut anything especially hard branches