The difference between male and female Ukulele Guitar with 6 strings

For novice guitar players often can’t help wondering about the choice selected above ukulele or 6 strings guitar for the school board. Many people learn the guitar at the beginning and find out about the best guitar for beginners, while many people start from the guitar ukulele, to set a new school play and then 6-string guitar. Both 2 this type has advantages of its own point assignment looks a teacher and play. The degree of difficulty and different easy, below is the comparison of the two types most remarkable for you to choose guitar.

  1. The most obvious difference between the 6-string ukulele and guitar is the size:

Ukulele is smaller than 6 strings guitar pretty much. APPEARANCE it also looked very lovely, cute so often the hearts of many people right from the first time, especially children and the girls at the start of school board. In this article, we will have a relative comparison between the guitar and ukulele popular blog for those who are wondering, wondering, it will make the decision easier for the selection board to School Online:

  1. Compare the differences between the guitar and ukulele

–              Composition:

The most important parts of the guitar and ukulele is above the fretboard, the soundboard (resonator effects and audio amplifier), but with the difference that the first meeting everyone will recognize. It’s size and needs of male barrels ukulele smaller structure than guitar

– Strength of elastic strings:

Guitar strings often use two kinds of metals and plastic materials stiffer, harder than the hand press and tender.

Because the material used thick rubber bands should play softer ukulele strings, suitable for beginners who.

– Number of wires:

Guitar today is composed of 6 strings plucked from the top down in turn have EADGBe notes, however, still exist those guitars with 7, 8, 10 and 12 strings.

Unlike general guitar, ukulele has four wires above EADG with structure and size depending on the different types of ukulele.

–  Chord of fretboard:

And depending on where your finger is placed on the neck, men will create different sound however fretboard guitar thicker because it is often difficult to press and will need to incorporate more fingers than the above ukulele.

You play a lot of songs, and then draw the more detailed comments to find the exact chords of new songs.

– Use fingers spread:

With guitar, I use 4 fingers to play, when to play certain hands in each generation, the finger will turn press the corresponding frets. Symbols left and right fingers are common convention.

Dan ukulele has only 4 wires should be easy to play, easy to learn more. With Ukulele, we use only 3 fingers to play.

–              Rhythm:

Guitar easily create rhythms very clearly with any type of guitar does.

Dan difficult to create rhythmic ukulele clear as if using unfamiliar guitar for bass Forum brings warm.

–              Putting into practice:

Depending on the music type, I chose type of guitar to play the appropriate music good sound quality. But anyway guitar is still widely used, with more diverse types of tunes.

Ukulele guitar narrower application, tends to apply to the songs fun or simple rhythm for those new to get used. Only if more professional, new players can adjust to fit the implications contained in lyrical song.

– The average time from basic school until proficiency:

Learn to play guitar, depending on the level of diligence of the students. Usually it takes about 3 months to school based on grades and 6 months for the study.

For the above ukulele, if study and hard copies, in about 1-2 months, students can use the expertise of this kind of male.

–              Price:

There are ample choices, from budget to luxury for those who choose to buy a guitar.

For the above ukulele, due out next life brother ukulele guitar so not many people know about and widely, so that little ukulele mass production as guitars and of course will lead to higher prices pretty much.

  1. The first point of note when switching from guitar to ukulele:
  • Ukulele is not one form of miniature guitar.
  • Do not use the pick when playing ukulele.
  • Ukulele is adjusted to the distance equivalent to 4 wire DGBE (Re-Sol-Si-Mi) of the guitar, but higher than the wire rope 4 rest – GCEA (Dol-Mi-Sol-La).
  • Line G (Sol) in higher tuned ukulele 8 1 distance equivalent to wire D (Re) in guitar, ukulele should rope in higher Sol Sol and Mi a little.
  • Can play the guitar chord forms on ukulele by pressing 4 wire ends of the chord.