The idea to arrange furniture in your living room

Living room is the central place in your house, where all members in your family gather together every night or weekend to have fun, happy time and do interesting activities. Parents can watch TV, eat fruit and children play games or chest. Moreover, living room is the appearance of your house to welcome guess into your living space. So your living room need to own warm and friendly atmosphere with unique style decoration and furniture arranged well.

How to place the furniture at suitable position to make your living room look harmonious and brief? There are some ideas below will help you, which provide the host useful ways to decorate a nice living room.

  • Understand your space:

You should take a look at your whole living room. And identify what is the shape? How long and wide it is? Is it have enough space? The most two important elements is window and door, you need to know the exactly position of them before placing furniture. After checking all these elements, you will get the best idea to arrange the furniture suitably

  • Point the center of living room:

Which point of living room will attract people when they step in? You can put any beautiful thing at this point, for example, you can place a fire stove, sofa, TV. With a clear center point, you will arrange the other furniture surrounded easily that make your living room look more harmonious and not messy. Place the basic furniture first, then add the other accessories such as clock, mirror or ornaments at some corners of living room. Hang on a picture or mirror at nice positions, it can help to widen the room with limited space

  • Distance between furniture and wall:

You will feel so cool and not welcome if the furniture in your room place next to the wall with no space between them. You should leave some tiny space for 2 to 3 sides of the whole furniture to create warm atmosphere and way to walk though the room. It is also better for the children to play comfortably and reach the other room easily. You will not have to worry to pump the furniture and be injured. With limited space, you should purchase normal size furniture as well as they are arranged well and suits with the room ‘s space