The Note You Should Know Before Buying Welding Helmets

When working in the welding garage, the welder needs have protective gear from the damage of welding such as: clothes, welding helmets, gloveā€¦ metal dust during welding often dangerous for the welder, you have the ability to burn without the use of protective clothing, or you will be breathing in metal dust harmful to the respiratory tract and lead to related diseases. Affect health and home economics. So protecting yourself is important in this work.

A good welding helmet gives you the optimum to protect health and help you safer. Auto darkening welding helmet is the kind of welding helmet prized among welders.

However, the current market, there are many types of welding helmet. And anyway, the best choice of welding helmet is still difficult for the welder, especially beginners. Last Vie will offer a few things to note about the welding helmet, so the welder can easily overcome these obstacles, questions to consider choosing a welding helmet good for myself.

  1. The standard glass lens

Glass lens is one of the important factors for selection of welding helmets, they have a protective effect on your eyes, to avoid UV and harmful UV rays. Welder’s eyes are very important, but for this job, welders constantly exposed to high temperatures, big match from the weld, and the metal dust.

If not protected, the eyes will quickly get damaged, infection, and loss of eyes is something that people never want. Many new welder – who started, often subjective in defending itself, but it is the first focused, when you want to be a good welder, or when you have a passion to work metal welding.

50 years ago, the first welding helmet appeared, and popular to this day. glass lens is made from special glass lens, black coloring is usually used with the standard is # 8 – # 12 shade to prevent from UV and infrared rays in the best way. The welders typically use # 10.

The standard welding helmet brings many benefits to welders, but it also has limitations for welders:

– At the start of welding, the welder’s difficult to hold and look at the position welding.

– Welding helmet usually easily down making it difficult for users due to altered viewpoint on the glass wool

However, with auto- darkening welding helmets will overcome all these problems:

– It has the auto darkening, so the eye will easily welder familiar with the network light is emitted from the weld, to be able to see better

– It has 2 belts to tie a fixed help hat on your head

  1. The Shade

Shade is an important part of the welding caps, in most types of welding caps, fixed shade to match with the welding standards. It usually has to shade # 10 in the welding helmet.

However, in the course of work, you will be exposed to many different welds: it may be a soldering iron, solder metal synthesis, welding … each weld will use different welding methods in the course of it: as welding arc, molten welding electrodes, welding arc … Each type of welds will give different light intensity.

Therefore, when you use a shade hat is fixed it will affect not good for the eyes and the work of the welder.

Rich welding process requires a rich quality to cap the best eye protection. Auto-darkening welding helmet kind can solve this problem. It is changes shade in the fix shade. It has a push to change the switch from shade # 8 – # 13 (depending on the helmet). Switch is just inside the welding helmet.

You can easily change the matching shade welding methods. It really is the best equipment for welders.

  1. The Battery

Each welding helmet is running of solar battery-powered for the lens operation. However most of the welding helmet only batteries were irreplaceable, and every time you use must be recharged by sunlight, and at the end you have to remove the battery to recharge it. Meanwhile, the working process was interrupted by the lens does not work.

So when choosing a welding helmet, you should find out in advance and choose for themselves a welding helmet can replace the battery, the kind of hat use AAA batteries are suitable for the decision of buying your welding helmet. Good luck!