Tips to take care of your unique garden

Are you a garden lover? Do you love plant and flower? Taking care of garden is a nice hobby you can do every day at your home. If you do not have enough space to build a garden at home, a balcony is not a bad idea, gardeners can hang some tiny pots of flowers and vegetables, strawberry, which look so pretty and attractive.

And you need to know how to take care your garden well to create fresh and green space to relax after busy hours. These tips and idea recommended below will help gardeners effectively, just take a look at them you will get some knowledge of gardening for yourself immediately

  • Gardening tips for flower:

A small area of blossom flowers in your garden will make it look more beautiful and fresh. So how to take care of them to let the bulb blossom perfectly? You need to handle the soil first, use a shovel to dig some holes on ground, then pour water into these holes to keep the soil in good condition. After that you should wait for the holes to dry a little bit, do not put the seeds into ground if they are not ready. In warm weather areas, it take a few minutes longer to dry after watering

The next step is seeding, you just put from 3 to 5 seeds into a hole, then cover the new seeds with soil. Please pay attention at the temperature surrounded, the most suitable level to plant is from 40 to 50 degree underground. To make up the garden, you can create lines and walking ways with a square shovel. Moreover, you will find it is easier to plant flowers if there are straight lines setting up already.

  • Gardening tips for tree and shrubs :

The perfect moment to plant tree in year is fall season with suitable elements in surrounded environment. Tree and shrubs need wide ground area to grow up freely, so you need to tidy all the plant around before seeding. You should choose humus area to plant tree that provide a lot of nutrition to help tree develop quickly

People plant tree and shrubs in fall season because of falling leaves, do not throw these leaves away. You can collect them into piles, store them in bag and save at the corner of garden, it is useful to support nutrition for your new tree. The big amount of leaves also can be saved for winter when soil is lack of tropic elements

  • Gardening tips for edibles:

Beside flowers and tree, you can also plant some kinds of edibles in your garden that not only bring food into daily life but also make the garden look more wealthy. Gardens often plant pumpkin, tomato or strawberry in the garden. With strawberry and tomato, we need a high fence for them to climb up and create fruit.

Tomato and strawberry just need short time to grow up since they are seeded underground. Pumpkin is another popular edible, they are nice accessory on Halloween holiday. After collecting, to maintain pumpkin in long term used, gardeners should keep them in cool place. When it is cut, you should wash it with warm soap water one time

Seeds of sunflower is a nice food that provide fat to make vegetable oil. You can also dry the seed under sunlight to save them for long term use. The best way to save sunflower seed is storing them in big container, they can used at least 4 months after opening. Sunflower is shiny and beautiful, a view of blossom sunflowers in your garden will make you smile and be happy every day

  • Gardening tips for law and groundcover:

You need to brief your garden and cut the grass regularly. When the grass grow up and tall, use special gardening tools to deal with them. About the falling leaves, especially in fall season, gardeners can collect and save them to provide nutrition for the tree and flowers. Place a net under tree root, leaves will fall there and you do not have to waste time to collect all of them every day